Social intelligence

Gathering data

Turning Social Intelligence Data into Valuable Business Insights

We provide social intelligence, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and recommendations services that are tailored to fit your business needs. Our insight-based data collection focuses on improving your business KPIs and ROIs in the short and long-term. Our service-based models allow you quick access to customer-centric data while saving you time and large investments in acquiring tools and staff training.

Engage your customers dramatically.

  • Advanced social interactions
  • Customer-centric approach

Identify authentic influencers.

  • Right people to carry your message
  • Bypass the expensive celebrities

See what your competitors are doing.

  • Competitor monitoring and benchmarking
  • Opportunistic insights for competitive advantage

Solve Problems

Social Intelligence Designed for the Middle East

Culture & Dialect Relevant Expertise

AlFikra’s social intelligence research team is brought together through our strategic partnership with Bakamo. Our partners, Bakamo offer a unique approach to social media research that combines technology, human intelligence, and deep formal knowledge in behavioral science. We combine big data analytics, social theory, and psychology for a deep and precise understanding “to make sense of it all, we believe social media insights reflect the world as people see it.”


In practice, being consumer-centric actually means listening to your customers and your community. We provide you with a new way to listen to the people that matter on social media and to identify the ideas that will spark your business.

Most customer decisions can be traced back to consumer behavior on social media. Their peers sharing unfiltered opinions and their experiences regarding them talking about brands and products is the key to understanding what customers want.

Why Choose Our Social Intelligence Services?

Stay on top of social media coverage

Social Listening & Monitoring

  • Monitor topics on social platforms
  • Keep an eye on your industry news
  • See what customers are talking about

Measure conversations around your brand

Analysis & Reporting

  • Audience and trend analysis
  • Content and sentiment analysis
  • Influencer marketing research


Improve your business strategies with social insights

  • Dive deeper into campaigns or topics
  • Identify & analyze competitive landscape
  • Find relevant industry influencers

Create Impact

Social Intelligence To Improve Customer Experience

Al Fikra addresses a wide variety of questions which, when answered with the help of social media intelligence, become fully grounded in the authentic consumer experience. Utilize our social intelligence capabilities to answer any of the following questions:

  • Discover- where are you now?
  • Inspire- where do you want to go?
  • Optimize- how are you going to get there?
  • Evaluate & Track- how are you going?
  • Spread- how can you ensure arrival?

The many ways Social Intelligence can help you

Emerging Trends:

Social media is where new trends are talked about and take off. Monitoring conversations allows you to pick up and respond to trends before others do. We help you identify emerging topics from the perspective and opinions of your target audience.

Campaign Analysis:

We help you discover the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, creative content, and media spend so that you can gauge the reach and organic impact of word of mouth – before, during, and after campaign completion.

Consumer Understanding:

By listening to people, we learn about their perspectives, needs, and real-life contexts without the need for surveys or interviews. Our 3S approach to audience segmentation includes Sense, Sensitive, & Statistical Validity, which ensures that you see and understand all target groups. This leads to uncovering your real and unique buyer personas.

Business and Marketing Strategies:

We help you enter new markets and explore new customer segments. This gives you easy access to cross-border data with minimal investment and fast action reports.

Insights & Recommendations:

Understanding the real impact of marketing strategy and positioning from a non-bias perspective can be tricky. However, our services will help you identify and understand customers’ interpretations of your actions as a business. We will also highlight service delivery troubleshooting by providing comprehensive insights and action recommendations.

Authentic Influencers:

We find the people you can align with and who will help you carry your message into their communities. Using authentic influencers, you can bypass the celebrities to find real gatekeepers to online communities.

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