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Digital Marketing & Programmatic Buying

Programmatic advertising uses automated technology for buying advertising space. It uses data insights and algorithms to serve ads to the right user at the right time, and at the right price. Target your best-fit market segment and convey messaging using the right channels. Develop a proven content marketing strategy. Identify influencers and opinion shapers in your industry.

Product Development

Break down barriers to product adoption and increase usage via persuasive text and imagery. Surface untapped opportunities via category and competitor analysis.

Customer Experience

Identify the customer experience improvements that produce big results and deliver contextual customer satisfaction. Recognize what matters most and provide it effectively.


Improve brand image and perception with our competitive analysis and re-branding strategies. We provide the tools and benchmarks necessary to transform your brand.

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Brand Strategy

Where brand strategy defines the ‘why’, we shape a brand strategy that defines ‘what’. What type of experience does a brand aspire to have? What might a customer journey look like? What do customers want? What is the customers’ perception of a brand?

AlFikra’s branding specialists strategize brands considering every possible angle and touchpoint to create truly meaningful results.

Our brand strategy experts empower you to envision where your industry will be in the next 5, 10, and even 15 years from now. This way, you can develop brand strategies that help you compete and win in the long run. We support the drive for quick returns by developing a tactical blueprint that aligns your team with strategic priorities and directs focused initiatives.

Our ROI-oriented approach lets you pivot correctly when conditions change, so you can jump from one stepping stone to another without losing momentum. We define strategy, cultivate brands and design branding elements in tandem with an integrated belief in the power of ideas.

It is through this distinctive combination of our marketing and branding services and our forward-looking thinking that we are able to produce results that are both unforgettable and successful.

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Digital Marketing & Marketing Strategy

Looking for digital marketing consultation in GCC? AlFikra Co has a proven record of planning, devising, and executing digital marketing strategies that fuel growth. Our result-oriented digital marketing consultancy follows an “outside-in” approach that helps us better understand customers, align touchpoints, and then activate digital marketing to get and retain consumers.

With consumers progressively transitioning online, digital marketing has to completely integrate with a brand’s business strategy and marketing plan. That’s where our digital marketing consultants can help you.  

AlFikra Co is proud to be setting industry-revolutionizing standards for digital marketing. With seasoned digital marketing professionals having decades of experience, we work closely with you to address even the toughest marketing challenges.

Our digital marketing consultancy services in GCC cover areas such as strategy and plan development, web presence, data analytics, search engine marketing (SEM), customer conversion, programmatic media buying, and search engine optimization (SEO).

We combine compassion, problem-solving, and quantitative thinking to create impactful digital strategies that provoke emotions, trigger action, and connect businesses with consumers’ core beliefs and principles. Whether creating a new brand or revolutionizing an existing one, we help you leverage dynamic digital platforms that are launch pads for multidimensional creativity and innovation.

Marketing Calendar & Pricing Strategy

We help you create a marketing calendar that gives a full outline of your team’s deliverables, deadlines, and tasks. It helps you think long-term to reach the most number of customers for your marketing campaigns. We also assist you in setting your pricing strategy to ensure you can maximize your marketing budget.

Programmatic Media Buying

Our programmatic advertising service is designed to get away from outdated, hit-or-miss campaign design that’s infamous for costing advertisers way too much money. We can help you run programmatic campaigns using display, native, video, or rich media formats. You can optimize toward your advertising goals using automated tools powered by machine learning and algorithms.


Our search marketing experts use proven methods that help a brand get attention by appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs). It includes efforts to get higher rankings and boost search visibility to attract more traffic to a website or specific webpages. We address these two major categories within search marketing:

  • SEM (uses PAID approaches to appear in search like Google Ads)
  • SEO (uses ORGANIC approaches to appear in search like keyword search)

As your digital marketing partner, we can help you with both SEO and SEM. From conducting keyword research to creating campaigns that target the best keywords for your industry, products, or services – we can help you with everything.

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