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We help companies launch and expand their business & outrank competitors.


Social Intelligence

Adopt a customer-centric approach by using social intelligence to know what customers want. Our social intelligence services overturn how businesses develop, market, and package their products. Identify new opportunities, increase revenues, and reduce the risk of failed product launches.


Marketing strategy

Talk to the right customers the right way at the right time. Use your resources more effectively via our expertise in various industry verticals. Develop strategic marketing approaches that put your message in front of your target audiences while stimulating sales and strengthening your market positioning.


Customer Profiling

Drive growth with a clearer perspective of how to address your customers’ needs. Improve your positioning and build laser-focused targeting of customer segments. All this translates into greater revenues from better alignment with consumers and distribution channels.


Data-Driven Advertising Techniques

Optimize digital advertising campaigns and reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. This allows you to keep up with your competitors and craft more targeted communications which can help create brand loyalty.

Our Goal

We Drive Growth

AlFikra Co was founded by a group of young professionals working in the gulf region. We believe in the transformative power of ideas and wish to help every business – big or small – to make a change and deliver significant value to their customers.

Located in Kuwait, our full-service creative consulting and marketing agency works with customers across the region, helping them improve their bottom-line. 

We use a balanced approach to business development, drawing on the principles of insight, a strong identity, solid work ethics, and innovation to systematically nurture your business.

As a result-driven marketing consultancy in the GCC, we know how to deliver exceptional customer experience while helping you leverage the latest technologies to acquire and retain clients.

We believe in

Hard Work and Dedication.

Our Core Values

High Service Standards

We strive to use the latest and advanced technology to support our clients with well-trained professionals who are qualified to provide the highest standards of service.


We help businesses achieve their marketing goals, making them consistently competitive in their market niche, and finding solutions to their unique marketing challenges.

Result-Driven Approach

As a leading marketing consultancy in the GCC, we build your marketing and branding strategy on facts rather than mere assumptions. We remove all the guesswork to significantly increase your probability of success and to help your business make the right strategic decisions.

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